Freedom to Live

Our Team

At LHW we provide a comprehensive financial advice service giving you the freedom to live the life you desire. We don't just preach our freedom to live motto; we live it through our actions by working with you to fulfil your life goals and ambitions using our expertise and experience.

We aim to take away all of the complications of financial planning so you can concentrate on living your life without worry.

John Dunne

Certified Financial Planner

John is passionate about helping individuals find financial security and live long and inspired lives. Working together to achieve financial clarity is more important than ever due to increasing longevity in society.  He believes that creating a financial plan is not all about money, but more importantly about a holistic view of your life today, and how you want to live in the future.

When not discussing financial planning, John will chat all day about rugby and tennis.  He reads extensively on positive living and healthy ageing.  He believes the secret to healthy ageing is finding meaningful work and following your passions. Other qualifications: QFA, Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, LIA Pensions Diploma and a Corporate MBA from DCU.

Phone: +353 1 217 0130