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Privacy Statement

LHW Financial Planning Ltd (LHW) provides a full range of financial planning and advisory services to our clients. The provision of these services requires LHW to collect personal information including financial information in order to ensure that we can correctly arrange certain services such as the setting up of protection and investment plans. This information may also be needed so that we can provide ongoing financial planning advice to our clients.

LHW take our responsibilities under the Data Protection legislation very seriously and we take great care to ensure that our client’s personal/financial data is treated appropriately and confidentially. However, it is often necessary for LHW to share your data with 3rd parties such as insurance companies and investment managers in order to provide services such as life insurance, pensions and investments. Without this information, these 3rd party service providers may be unable to complete and issue the required contracts which would mean that they may be unable to provide you with the services required.

LHW is a Data Controller under the Data Protection legislation. As a Data Controller, LHW will:

LHW may use your personal data for profiling purposes in order to allow us to group our clients based on certain common characteristics. As an example, clients over 60 years of age for whom we provide pension advisory services may receive communications from LHW on topics which we feel will be of interest to them as they approach retirement. One such topic would be the management of investment risk.

For reference, Cara McDonald is LHW Financial Planning Ltd's GDPR contact. She holds the CDPP accreditation and can be contacted on  01 217 0130. Alternatively, any queries in relation to your personal data may be mailed to